Anyone seeking to obtain, or maintain, an alcoholic beverage license or permit in Texas quickly encounters complexity.  Over the 35  years of its existence, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has formulated many  practices,  procedures,  and  licensing requirements  that cannot be found in the Alcoholic Beverage Code or the TABC regulations.  Further, alcoholic beverages continue to be “controlled substances,” and liability for engaging in their distribution is unavoidable.

Having JOEL RICH LAW as their legal counsel for alcoholic beverage law  in Texas allows clients to understand the TABC’s  requirements, control their interactions with the TABC, and manage the liability arising from alcohol distribution.

The firm’s practice includes:


Advice on meeting the requirements of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and TABC Regulations, including the marketing and advertising of alcoholic beverages, the sale or restructuring of a business which holds a license or permit, and the managing of “dram-shop” liability for alcohol distribution.


Preparing, processing, and filing applications for new TABC licenses and permits and applications for changes in the location, ownership, or control of existing TABC licenses and permits.


Management training on complying with applicable TABC regulations, and client representation for the settlement of TABC Administrative Cases.

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